Galaxy S4 Teaser Video Revealed

Samsung has recently posted a  Galaxy S4 teaser video in YouTube. The video is to hype the approaching unveiling event of the company in New York City which is dubbed as the “Samsung Unpacked 2013”.

The YouTube video posted by the smartphone giant centers on a boy named Jeremy who was tasked to become the company’s “secret messenger” for the NYC Unpacked event. He was allowed to take a peek inside the box that contains the device and doing so left him mesmerized. He went home with it and the video finished as he was about to open the package. The Galaxy S4 teaser ended up with a message saying, “to be continued”.

The tagline of the event which says, “Be ready 4 the next Galaxy” is very visible in the background of the conference room where Jeremy received the package. Then, based on the description of the video, the event will take place in the New York Times Square on March 14, 2013 at 7PM EST. The event can be watched through live-streaming in Samsung Mobile’s official YouTube page.

According to CNET, the plan to release the new smartphone in the public was initially scheduled February this year. The tech site based its presumption on the report of Korea Times on September 2012. Then, in the first month of 2013, more rumors surfaced about the gadget and April 15 was forecasted as its release date. On the next month, CNET predicted that the event is likely to take place on March 14.

The February prediction of CNET proved to be very accurate because Samsung confirmed the same date during the conduct of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. By the 25th of that month, Samsung’s invitations were already floated in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook with the tagline, “Ready 4 the show, come and meet the next galaxy.”

twitter invitation

Sources: CNET, Twitter and YouTube