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Galaxy S3 Tips & Tricks: Things worth trying if you own a Samsung Galaxy S3

Enable “Tap To Transfer” S3 Feature

The Samsung Galaxy S3 supports Near Field Communication (NFC) that is necessary to carry on the S Beam feature, which allows transferring of files wirelessly and at a very fast transfer rate. A movie would take just a few seconds to be copied to another S3 or Note 2 using S Beam and its one-tap transfer protocol.

Here’s how you enable this feature:

Step 1: From the Home screen, tap Apps then Settings.

Step 2: Tap More Settings.

Step 3: Turn NFC on and tap S Beam.


Step 4: Turn on S Beam. The slider switch is on the top-right corner.


Step 5: To transfer files using S Beam, open the file you want to transfer and place phones back to back.


Step 6: Tap the file to begin the transfer.

In no time, the file will be copied to the other device.

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