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Galaxy S3 Tips & Tricks: Things worth trying if you own a Samsung Galaxy S3

Three Other Ways To Mute Galaxy S3

The previous tip was one way to put the S3 on mute but there are other ways to silence the device. This time, it uses the popular mute function. Here are three other ways to enable it:

Workaround 1: Press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds (or more) until a menu appears on the Screen. You will then be able to find Silent Mode from there.

Workaround 2: Pull the Notification Bar down and find the Sound icon. Tap on it once; the phone gets silenced but vibrates. Tap twice; the device gets muted and won’t vibrate.


Workaround 3: Launch dial pad or phone dialer and key in the pound sign (#). That will enable the Silent Mode.


There you have it; three different ways to put the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Silent Mode.

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