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Galaxy S3 Tips & Tricks: Things worth trying if you own a Samsung Galaxy S3

Turn Over To Mute/Pause

This feature comes natively with the phone but it’s not particularly popular for geeks. Corporate people, however, may find this feature rather helpful especially in meetings and close-door conferences. With it, the user can make sure the phone won’t blast off during meetings.

It is also known as “Quick Mute.” It is slightly different from the mute functionality that is often use in any smartphone because it enables the user to mute any media by doing a single gesture instead of tapping your way to the mute icon.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Tap Motion.


Step 3: Toggle On the switch for Turn over to mute/pause option.


When this particular option is enabled, your Galaxy S3 will not sound off and vibrate when put screen down. During calls, turning the phone over will also put the other person on the other end on mute but not disconnected.

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