Galaxy S3 Tips & Tricks: Things worth trying if you own a Samsung Galaxy S3

This post is about some not so popular Samsung Galaxy S3 tips and tricks. The post may be helpful for new and not so techie owners. Some of the tips are easy and native to the device while others may need some few technical knowledge to do.

New owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 may still have some unexplored settings and features in their phone. But do you know what the reality is? Many don’t want to try changing settings because they fear they can mess something up and it may result to their phone becoming unusable. Some features remained unexplored even easy ones. This post seeks to aggregate every possible Galaxy S3 tips and tricks both easy and difficult ones.

The first tip will walk you through enabling the “Turn Over To Mute/Pause” option. Many would think it is just like the typical mute function. Yes it is in a sense that it would also silence the device, however, it is way quicker and less hassling; one gesture only and your device will shut up right there and then. To know how use it, click this link to go directly to the guide.

For the second section, we tackle on three different ways to mute the Samsung Galaxy S3. The first way, as explained in the section, will use the power button to bring phone options up. The second way is through the notification bar. The third, which only a few know about, is to dial the pound (#) sign. This is the direct link to the section.

The third section is all about the S Beam and how it can transfer a file in a single tap at a very fast speed. Of course, a short walk-through on how to enable it was included. This is the direct link to the guide.

The fourth section seems to differ from the rest because it will require the device to be rooted in the first place. Basically, it is about how to enable or install Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3 so owners can use special characters and icons in their messages or tweets. Click here to go directly to the procedure.

The fifth part deals on how to enable Double Tap to Top function of the Galaxy S3. While it comes native to the phone, only a few are actually using this and many don’t know their phone has this function. So, if you’re a new S3 owners, it’s good to know this. Here is the direct link to the guide.

The last section will walk you through enabling the Direct Call function of the Galaxy S3. Once enabled, the phone will be the one to dial the number you want to call. All you have to do is put the phone to your ear with the number on the screen. Click here to go directly to the guide.

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  1. Guys how to download XML file it’s say
    Error (404)
    We can’t find the page you’re looking for. Check out our Help Center and forums for help, or head back to home.please helppppppppp

  2. Perhaps your anti virus is ticked to dis allow non playstore apps to be downloaded /installed. Start there first. Also, sometimes a power recycle does the trick as well.

  3. Installed app. Tapped link to motion (subject of this thread), followed instructions-phone to ear with contact displayed FROM KEYPAD DIALING does not auto dial. From contacts it works as it says and, depending upon your settings will even give you a nice vibratory response to let you know it’s working. Great tip!!

  4. If this option is activated and phone is face down will my alarm still work? I use this phone as my alarm clock and keep it face down on my nightstand due to the blinking led light keeping me awake.

  5. Hey Andy,

    I see your point. This hierarchy is one of the things that make Android way different from iOS. New owners can easily get lost in the Settings maze.

  6. After step one and going to step two is the “more settings” button supposed to be pressed before one sees the option to change motion settings.

    Somewhat obvious but to the operators that are already scared of messing up an operating phone there is an aprehension to change anything and not be able to restore back to when things were just fine and worked.

    If only there was one complete list of settings no matter what catagory and the phone didnt make you go through a higharchy tree sub structure to get to what you want to do.

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