Galaxy S3 Problems, Readers’ Questions and Solutions – Part 13


Apparently, there are still many of our readers experience Samsung Galaxy S3 problems. Well, after 13 editions, we hope we have somehow resolved some issues.

I’ve published the 12th part yesterday I received a lot of emails right after and this time they are longer than before.

In this post, I will be answering 5 questions but I’m already working to publish the 14th part. Some problems are more difficult to find solutions for and while we may not be able to answer them immediately, rest assured we are working on them.

We still urge our readers that whenever you ask questions about the problems you’ve been experiencing, please try to provide as many details as possible. We don’t care if they contain errors or not, all we need are information we could use to either replicate them or ask questions from experts and people who may have experienced the same problems before.

For readers who may have just tuned in, you can reach us through [email protected] or join our community so other staffs, including myself, can answer your question.

What’s in it for us? Why are we doing this?

Many have been asking those questions ever since we started publishing articles like this. Well, this is what we do. We may not be experts in this field but at least, we know a lot of people who may be able to provide solutions to the problems and questions we receive from our readers. So, keep sending us emails and questions.

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Problems Addressed

  1. Cannot Move Apps to microSD Card
  2. Cannot Transfer Files from PC to the S3
  3. Galaxy S3 Vibrates if iHeart Radio App is Used
  4. Galaxy S3 Cannot Detect microSD Card
  5. Problems with Headphone Jack and Voice To Text

3 Replies to “Galaxy S3 Problems, Readers’ Questions and Solutions – Part 13”

  1. Hi..i am having a trouble with my s3 and i don’t know if it’s normal or somethings really going on. I just bought this phone a month ago and i notice that that the battery or the back part of the phone heats very fast. The phone drained very quickly though i have done everything to save power like decreasing brightness ..turning off my wifi and bluetoothand etc. Though my mobile internet is always on ,i noticed that it drained quicker and quicker each day.and when i am using my phone,it is really hot and sometimes it automatically restarts. Sometimes it shutdown. And it only turns on when you take off the battery and pt it back again. Is there any problem with my unit? Or this is just normal with samsung s3? I need some assurance. Thank you.

  2. I had the same problem. ScanDisk issued a release acknowledging its their problem and issues with 32gb and 64gb micro sd card. Google for this.

    Offering hope, I just kept it in slot, ignored the notifications of it mounting/unmounting; then saying it had nothing on card…and couple of weeks later, it’s readable again.

    But for safety, I switching back to a 16gb as its a card issue

  3. Hi,
    I am having one problem with my s3. While listening music it get break very often and then start again. this is quite irritating.

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