Galaxy Note 2 hit by passcode bug

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been hit by the same bug Apple was recently confronted with-A clever user can get past the Note 2’s lock screen with nimble movements. A combination of buttons executed swiftly one after another can get a user through the password screen. Surprising that this should come up again given that Apple recently faced the same issue. A company as big and thorough as Samsung shouldn’t have let this happen. The vulnerability is of some concern but nothing grave enough to recall the Note 2 or release an update under pressure.

bug2The method is fairly simple, the only tricky part involving quick movement of the fingers. A couple of apps and widgets can be accessed if the right sequence is played out. The user has to press the emergency call icon, the “In case of emergency” button followed by holding the home button down. If accomplished, hackers can bypass the security code or pattern to connect to the direct-dial widget or select a few available applications. The silver lining in the bug is that only a few apps that do not pose a major security threat are accessible this way. Most other apps like Google Play are not vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Samsung is working fast to cover the bug with a fix delivered in the next update, expected to be out soon. An amusing co-incidence is that a very similar bypass was applied to Apple’s iPhone 5 to get past the lock screen and hit the apps. Is Samsung following Apple’s so closely? Allowing its arch rival’s slip-up to crop up in one of its own products? We’re hoping the similarity ends at the pass code stage that Samsung has promised to fix soon.


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