Future iPhones to sport a wrap around display

There is no company that can touch Apple when it comes to revolutionary new technology. Not content with merely enhancing the current iDevices in the market, Apple is looking to reinvent the wheel to create a marvel that will change the course of digital history! If sources are to be believed, a newly published patent application by the Cupertino whiz kids talks of a phone with a completely transparent body and a wrap around flexible display. Maybe Apple won’t recreate the wheel. It will probably aim for a supersonic jet with invisibility capabilities!

ip2The display of the phone will unroll and wrap around the “phone” to make place for more icons, photos and videos. Like the current iPhones, the new phone will also be touch based, but entirely so. There will be no volume rocker buttons or the power down button. These functions will be replaced by swiping along the screen to lock the phone or adjust the volume. Again there is no proof, but the body could be made entirely out of glass, resilient yet clear. The front camera and face recognition technology will help the wrap around screen recognize and track the user’s movement. Like the curved iWatch Apple might succeed in building a phone that could take different shapes with its new flexible glass display plans.

Of course, this is all speculation, but knowing Apple, there is a strong possibility of a phone will herald a new era of smart gadgets. Rivals Samsung, HTC, Microsoft and BlackBerry will be taken of shelves real quick if Apple’s patent application is realized.


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