Fujitsu phones can track a person’s pulse!

With Samsung, Google, Apple and Sony working on bigger, faster, louder and brighter variants of their respective phone models, Japanese Giant Fujitsu has taken the lesser worn path with a smartphone that offers brilliant medical facilities.

fuji2The company unveiled a phone that can take the pulse of its user by simply looking at the individual’s face! A remarkable feat, unmatched and unparalleled to date. The phones tracks and analyzes the difference in brightness of a person’s face caused due to increase or decrease of blood flow and evaluates the data to reveal the user’s pulse. Hemoglobin, a protein present in the red blood cells of an individual flows through the many blood vessels through the face of each person and this protein is monitored and measured by the smartphone device to track the person’s pulse. The technology is so advanced, that it allows the phone to detect the pulse in less than five seconds of the phone’s camera being aimed at the individual’s face. The phone also disregards any movement of the head and sudden blood flow increase or decrease caused by jerky movements.

The company plans to mass produce this phone early next year so that heart patients and healthy individuals can monitor their heart rate through the pulse without having to don extra attachments.

Technology giant Fujitsu plans to put the invention to practical use within a year, enabling people at work or at home to track their health and collect data for analysis without wearing special devices. This technology can even weed out suspicious individuals whose heart rate goes up when they are anxious or excited about an imminent event.

Fantastic new technology by Fujitsu!


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