Fujitsu Designs a Smartphone for Seniors

senior phoneIf you take a look at the mobile telephony industry and try to analyze the complexity of the Smartphone being delivered to the market, you will have no doubt concluded that the devices are targeted exclusively for the youth.

This particular group of individuals is blessed with the know-how of handling any technological challenge thrown at them. They are agile and flexible enough to make any changes that come with the new technology. This however cannot be said to be same with the older generation. Unlike the juniors who favor complexity, the seniors prefer simplicity.

The Japanese electronics company had a perfect understanding of this notion and decided to exploit the niche. They have designed the perfect Smartphone which checks on every aspect when it comes to the targeted group. The Stylistic S-01 is the device which is poised to make Fujitsu standout amongst the big boys. The Company announced that they are intending to go beyond their traditional Japanese market base and extend their wings to France.

The most astounding feature making The Stylistic S-01 stand tall is detailing involved in their software design e.g. their approach to the UI. The UI and other operations have been simplified but the functionality of the device has not been tampered with. Starting from the relatively large and clearly labeled icons located in the homescreen of the Smartphone to the larger call and phonebook buttons, the device is without a doubt targeted for the seniors. The hardware design of The Stylistic S-01 is centered on a rubberized external coating which makes the device have a firm grip hence reducing its chances of falling down.

The device was first unveiled during this year’s Mobile World Congress event held in Barcelona, Spain. The Fujitsu Company is heavily relying on this device to earn the company a global recognition. It is only a matter of time before we get a glimpse of the full capabilities of this amazing device.

Via Techcrunch