FROST attack Stuns Android Phones Users

frost attackSecurity of any nature is a very important aspect which should never be taken for granted. Most people tend to use the internet to act as a secondary storage area where they can store some of their valid information. They do this with their utmost confidence that the system is secure enough to protect their data. In most cases the endeavor is successful while in other cases it ends up with fatal repercussions. All thanks to the hacker’s who are always trying to break down the system and use it to their advantage. The so called cyber crimes have been experienced and are still being experienced today. Android phones are their latest victims.

The FROST attack method is the latest technique being used to hack into the Smartphones. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if the next time you misplace your Smartphone, you begin by checking the freezer. A group of Scholars at Friedrich-Alexander University have discovered that Android Smartphone devices running on versions 4.0 (Ice Cream) are the most susceptible gadgets to this chilling technique. According to them, you only need to freeze your device up to 15 degrees Celsius for about 1 hour, repeatedly pop the battery on and off the phone in short bursts then it’s all systems go. Another method that can be used to achieve this include; repeatedly powering on and off the phone while at the same time holding down the volume buttons. This should be done immediately after the device is off the freezer.

They said that the cold temperatures allowed one to easily bypass the encryption system on your Android device hence granting you access to the web sites visited, contact lists, and even your photos. How is this even possible? The researchers said that the cold temperatures have a tendency of allowing the data stored in the RAM of your device to hang around a little bit longer. It is quite simple, the colder the temperatures the longer the data exposure periods.


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