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Forget Scratch Proof Glass, Say Hello to Sapphire Glass for Smartphones

maxresdefaultWe are all used to those adverts on the telly that tell us about the scratch resistant nature of the smartphones that are out there. Everyone was told that the iPhone 5 is unbreakable until someone somewhere decided to test the theory. Only now do we figure that the Gorilla Glass is about as scratch resistant as your typical kitchenware glass. Well, all that is about to change.

Smartphone manufacturers around the world have claimed that they want to make a shift to Corning industry’s Gorilla Glass to the second hardest natural material known to man; sapphire. Why the sudden shift? As things stand, the market is evolving or else we’d still be in the era of Motorola’s supremacy. In order to keep the evolution at an exponential growth rate such things need to be considered. The companies aren’t looking to make phones that are indestructible but to make something that will last longer than usual.

However, evolution comes at a price. In this case the price is a bit too high. The price of Gorilla Glass per screen sized chunk is $3 as opposed to the $30 for sapphire. This is an obstacle that shall be overcome in the following ways. Raise the price of the smartphone and as the demand for the material rises hopefully the price will reduce.

Another factor that raises concerns is the fact that sapphire is a heavy material. All this talk of having the lightest smartphone in the industry will come to an end once the screens are made of sapphire. It will be back to stage one of trying to reduce the weight but just like the issue of price this is a hurdle that will be leaped over.

If you need to think about the superior strength of sapphire look at the glass covering the camera of the iPhone. Yes, that is sapphire. Now imagine that all over your iPhone and not just on the camera. Magnificent. It is expected that the use of sapphire for smartphone screens will be put in place as early as this year.

Via India Times

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