Flipboard updated with user-creatable magazines

New Flipboard update with user creatable magazines

Flipboard is launching a new update to the app on the iOS platform. And this update is said to be the biggest update to the company’s product. This is because the app has always been an information consumption tool, not a creation tool. But with this update, that is going to change. The new update will let all its users create their own magazines and publish them just like they would a real magazine. But the content for that magazine will have to come from your subscriptions on Flipboard only.

The company just had crossed the 50 million user mark, and this update comes as a result of that. You will be able to create a new magazine by just tapping on the plus sign that appears inside every article, post, and video in the Flipboard app. You will then be able to select an existing magazine or create a new one for the article you have just chosen.

You will also be able to make your finished magazines public, this is nothing but publishing your work to the public. This will be fun. People can read your curated work and comment on it, share the whole magazine or individual articles, share it on Facebook, comment with Facebook accounts, or share it on Twitter and comment with Twitter accounts, and much more. And every time someone reflips your posts or article from your magazine to theirs, you will get a notification.

The ability to share your magazine is for now possible only by email or using the social networks. But people can like, @ mention, and comment on your magazines. The company has partnered with Esty, and you have a look at the marketplace at Esty, and if you like something, you can add that to your magazine. People will then be able to buy the product right from within your magazine. The Android version is expected to be released soon.

Source: Engadget