Flipboard Gets a Makeover with New Partner


Flipboard users can now create their own magazines using the information found on their news feeds as a major update for the app was introduced.

The update though is only available for the Flipboard for iOS. The Android version will be coming soon, reports said. Another major update with this app is that the company recently partnered with Etsy, an e-commerce website focused on handmade and vintage items, as well as art and craft products.

Its partnership with Etsy will allow the app’s users to browse their products and even buy them from within the app. The e-commerce website will provide the same experience that users have been enjoying from some of the app’s partners. The partnership means that users can now also enjoy Etsy within the app itself. You don’t need to exit the app since purchases and transactions can be made securely from within the online social magazine.

The e-commerce company said that Flipboard won’t have a cut from the transactions made within the app. However, there were also criticisms of this partnership since the app isn’t exactly an e-commerce website.

User-Generated Magazines

Aside from the said partnership, the app is also coming from a major facelift as its developers have allowed users to generate their own magazines. This means that as a user, you can simply press the + button on any content found in the app and it will automatically create a new magazine or let you choose from existing ones.

If you will create a new magazine, you will be obliged to give it a name, a description and you would also be required to put it under a category. You can keep adding stories, articles, products and videos to the magazine to make it feel, look and sound like an actual publication. You can create a magazine about any topic under the sun (as long as it’s within the company’s policy).

To save time and money from the legal hassle of intellectual property rights issues, the app will also automatically give acknowledgment to whatever content you decide to add to your magazine. If a post refers to your social interactions on Facebook and Twitter, the app will still make the necessary references.

The app provides basic tools that will let you edit the magazine cover, share and manage the magazine, as well as make it public or private. You can share any magazine you have created on Twitter, Facebook or even through email.

Then, there’s the new Content Search. If you are familiar with how the same search function works on Pinterest, then you won’t need time to learn this anymore. The Search Content will allow you to search for people, hashtags and a wide range of topics. You can then flip these contents to your magazine.

There will also be search results from social networking sites, RSS and other user-generated magazines. As a way to market these magazines, Flipboard will feature them in the Content Guide, which includes those made by real publications and those made by the app’s users.

Sources: Engadget and Forbes

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