Flickr updates iOS app with hashtags

Flickr for iOS updated with hashtags

Flickr fans who are on an iPhone or iPad got a new update yesterday, and this update brought some really interesting feature to the table. Users are now able to hashtags to their photos. Hashtags, which was created by Chris Messina, has been very symbolic to Twitter till now. But lately, a few more online services have started using this very popular technique of tagging. This is because this particular method is very efficient in searching for content you are looking for.

And if you have used Flickr and tried searching for a particular set of photos from an event or the kind, you would know that you would end up with a totally random set of photos. This becomes very irritating and annoying as this keeps happening each and every time. But now, the service will be a delight to use.

And according to the various discussions about this topic going on on the internet, Yahoo owned Flickr decided to support hashtags now due to the news that Facebook will soon start supporting the technology as well.

Now, users of Flickr will not only be able to use these hashtags in the title of the photos that they will upload, but they will able to able to add hashtags to the descriptions of the photos and use these hashtags in search queries on the service. But being a Flickr user, I can say that even though the company is officially announcing the support of hashtags now, users of the service have been using hashtags on the service for a long time now. Even if you start searching the service with random hashtags, you will definitely get random results.

So if you have an iOS device with Flickr installed on it, update the app if you have not yet done it, and then check out the new hashtags.

Source: The Next Web