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Bambook smart watch

The smart watch fever is catching to up to most of the consumer electronics companies very slowly. We know that Apple and Samsung are working on it right now, and Sony has already released one, and according to a new rumor, a Chinese company is apparently working on releasing a new series of smart watches in the coming months. A subdivision of massive Chinese tech outfit Shanda called Guoke is reported to be currently working on a series of smart watches and is planning to release this in June.

Apple will be putting its popular iOS operating system on its smart watch, and Samsung may put the Google Android operating system on it or its own Tizen operating system which it designed with Intel. But according to reports, Shanda will come out with two smart watches, one running Google’s Android, and the other one running on Mozilla’s Firefox operating system. The series of smart watches will be called Bambook. And according to a report on Tech Node, the Bambook smart watches will cost you more than a hundred dollars, and the devices will come with e ink displays, probably to extend the battery life, which is very important for a watch.

And just like Samsung, which has a lot of consumer electronic products coming out, Shanda also has many such products. This list includes ebook readers, e ink displays, web services, software services, and much more. Tech in Asia says that this new series of Bambook smart watches could be a real boon for the company as this could update the users on the various ebooks and literatures they follow, or update them with the activities happening on the massive network or online multiplayer games that Shanda has popular in China, or even sync your remainders with the Shanda owned note taking app.

So, are you interested in buying a smart watch which can do all this?

Source: CNET

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