Firefox 20 update adds new features to per-tab browsing and home page functionality

Android has received update 20 for Firefox that is in the beta stage. This new version offers per-tab private browsing that allows you to manage your regular and stealth browsing. The update is available on the Google Play store for download. The tab strip gives you an appearance of opening up two Firefox windows, one of these is the private one and the other the normal, regular use windows. Your tabs are listed in sets or groups of private and public making it easier to manage private or stealth mode browsing.

firefox1Another feature offered by the beta Android app is the home page customization. In addition to pinning your frequently visited websites tracked and selected by Firefox, you can also choose from a list of sites you want pinned or unpinned. The page is easily editable so you can always come back at a later time and add or remove websites.  Other interesting updates target Gingerbread and Honeycomb android operating systems, running on older models and new budget tablets and phones. Mozilla has released hardware decoders for AAC, MP3 and h.264 formats.

Mozilla’s version 20 for Firefox Beta has also worked on scaling down system requirements for the browser to a reduced 384MB RAM and QVGA display. A good reason for toning down these requirements is the expected release of new low-cost Firefox OS phones in the pipeline that will be shipped with lower hardware capabilities than mid-range android phones. Sony has already announced its collaboration with Mozilla to incorporate Firefox OS in its new lineup.

The new updates for Firefox add interesting features to the browser and will help optimize performance of the expected Firefox OS phones.


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