Feedly can be your Google Reader replacement


If you have been a fan of Google reader (like many others), we have some bad news for you. Google announced today that they are going to shut down their Google reader service from July 1st. Google reader has not been a successful venture of the company as compared to its other services, however we never expected it to close down anytime soon.

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When you log onto to your reader service, you will get a notification from the company, stating that the service would be discontinued from July 1 and that you may export your starred items and posts to an external RSS feed reader.

However, don’t be disappointed as you have plenty of substitutes for your reader. In a recent blog post from feedly, a famous RSS reader using Google Reader’s API, the company has promised seemless transition on to their service from the reader. With the service shutting down, the other third party apps who were depended on the Google API would also suffer. But according to the feedly bog, the company had anticipated such a move from the company and they were already in the process of developing their own backend. Code named ‘NORMANDY’, it would be a clone of the Google API running on the company’s app engine and would swap on July 1st when Google reader shuts down. Developers too, can rejoice as they would make this API available to third party apps once everything becomes stable.

But if you are planning to shift to feedly, we would advise you to wait for a few more months as their servers are pretty full right now and it would take them some time to accommodate such a large number of users.

It is also worth noting that many other RSS feed readers are working on different projects to find a fix to this problem.

For example, Reeder, rated as one of the best apps for RSS feeds on iOS, tweeted,

Don’t worry, Reeder won’t die with Google Reader.”

Another such tweet from the Twenty five square app twitter page reads as follows.

“We’ve poured our blood, sweat, and tears into making Press an app that people love. And we’ll figure out a solution to keep working on it.”

So, don’t worry, many of these companies are working hard to find a solution to this problem and we are sure by the time Google Reader shuts down, many new apps will surface on the internet which may even be better than your regular reader.

via Feedly Blog