Feedly adds 500,000 new users after Reader termination announcement

Feedly logo

Ever since Google announced that it will be putting Google Reader to the business end of an axe, a lot of RSS feed readers have appeared on the market, and most of them are really good. It is very sad to see Google Reader go away. I have been using the service for years and have gotten very used to it and the customization that I have done to suite my needs. But when the search engine giant announced the termination of the product last Wednesday, I started looking out for alternatives immediately. And the first one I thought of was Feedly.

Feedly is a news aggregating service that has been around for some time. And when Google made the unfortunate announcement, Feedly started offering a seamless transition to its service. So with just a couple of clicks (literally), I got all my Google Reader subscriptions on Feedly. I need at least a week’s time to test out a product, and five days into it, I have kind of started liking Feedly. The service allows for a lot of customization, especially on the visual part. You can customize the way the feeds are represented and you get a very good organization of all your feeds on the left pane.

Anyway, Feedly has announced that after the Google announcement on Wednesday, the company got 500,000 new subscribers in just 48 hours. This might have led to a celebration at Feedly. Anyway, the company has said that it has started using 20 percent more bandwidth now than it ever used to before. Phone Arena writes:

Feedly’s blog mentions what its goals are for the next 30 days. First is keeping the service up with all of the new subscribers, second is listening to new members for suggestions and the third is to add new features weekly. In the meantime, if Google Readers switch to Feedly before the former expires on July 1st, users will be able to seamlesly transition to Feedly.

And if you migrate to Feedly before July 1st, you will able to import all your Google Reader subscriptions without a pain. Try it, you will like it for sure.

Source: Phone Arena