Feedly, a great alternative to Google Reader

The online community is fuming over Google’s move to shut down Google Reader, a feature that was extremely popular over the internet. Google reader is expected to shut down on July 1st 2013. Disappointed users have now found a good replacement in a new news aggregator, Feedly. About 500,000 millions avid readers have already migrated to Feedly from Google Reader. In its official post, the community has sent out a welcome message to all those who have joined the community.

Feedly is thriving on Google’s lack of readership with its twitter account bustling with users looking for new features and updates to the software. Feedly has had a huge influx of readers requiring it to add new servers and increase its bandwidth by 10x, to manage its massive reader community. Feedly has launched a new forum where regulars can post suggestions and other interesting tidbits of information.

feed2The app version of Feedly has done very well on the iOS store with a huge number of downloads since its appearance on the store. It is now among the top apps on the iStore. Once Google confirmed the shut down of Google Reader, users were out on a limb trying to find the next best alternative and Feedly smartly upped its game to fit into Reader’s shoes. A large footprint has been left behind by Google Reader but Feedly is doing very well with the number of users availing its services.

Feedly’s app is free for download on Apple’s iOS store and is available for all its devices – the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


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