“Fastest Intel Based Smartphone Ever”-a Shocking News for Galaxy S IV

Samsung is going to make an announcement of their latest beast, Samsung Galaxy S IV on March 14th and the event may take place in New York. This doesn’t mean it’s the only smartphone to catch all the eyes on that particular day. Another challenger will step to endanger the marketing and take the entire spotlight from this prime jewel.

xolo2Xolo, offering premium smart phones, has planning to come up with another event to introduce their Mission “X” which claims to be the fastest one utilizing the Intel inside chip inside in the smartphone history until now. Xolo have planned to introduce their latest magic show in Goa, India and the time is slightly ahead than of Galaxy S IV. But, it’s evident that Galaxy S IV won’t lose its reputation against Xolo. But, it’s also a question of concern whether it will be the fastest smartphone out here. We can at least assume the things a bit now with the leaks. Galaxy S IV is said to be the fastest smartphone ever released but Xolo also took a positive turn here. Benchmarks haven’t been taken since the leaks don’t tell those yet. If Samsung can’t avail the reputation of fastest smartphone, it will remain at the top position until another competitor comes along.

We are hoping for the best battle to engage Xolo and Samsung Galaxy S IV in the field of fastest smartphone ever. So, we’re just 3days away from getting our hands and hold onto these premium jewels. We’re anticipating Xolo to be a better challenger.

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