Facebook’s Android event will be about a dedicated home screen for Facebook


We all know that Facebook is going to host an event in the next month that has something to do with Android, as it has already given that much information in its invitation. But we have not been told what we can expect out of the event. But according to a new report on the Wall Street Journal, the world’s largest social networking company is going to showcase a new level of Facebook integration into the Android ecosystem.

According to the report, Facebook is going to put its app as a new home screen on Android smart phones, and this will be first thing you will see when you unlock your Android smart phone’s screen. The report says it will “display content from users’ Facebook accounts on a smartphone’s home screen.” So the thought of Facebook announcing its very own Facebook smart phone can be kicked out of our minds for now.

To begin with, the social network is expected to showcase this feature first on an HTC Android smart phone, which is very predictable as Facebook has worked with HTC in the past and there seems to be some very good relationship between the two companies. Gizmodo writes:

Facebook is expected to first offer this feature to an HTC phone but hopes to eventually bring it to other Android phone makers. The WSJ says that Zuck’s ‘book has been working on “placement deals” with other phone makers. That means, more or less, that what Facebook will announce in April won’t be the Facebook phone.

This could mean that the social network would soon release the same app for other Android smart phones as well, and this means that Facebook’s integration into Android would be more than that on iOS. Could this mean Facebook is inclined towards Android now? Well, we will see.

Source: Gizmodo

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