Facebook working on newer, better, more relevant News Feed feature

Facebook is on a drive to improve every aspect of its website to hold users and prevent them from moving to other social networking sites like Instagram and Pinterest. The News Feed from Facebook has been revamped to feature larger images, better user control since so many users are accessing their Facebook pages from mobile devices like tablets and phones. Before the refurbishment, mobile user experience was not on par with PC or laptop based Facebook experience. With the new Feed, this has been taken care of.  Facebook can now improve feeds that a user normally views.

fb2A number of new features have been introduced with the new News feed like larger photos and summaries for the articles posted in the feed and inclusion of user photo albums and timelines. Another new feature is that content like images, statuses and other posts will be featured with photos of the friends sharing the content visible at the left side of the screen. Facebook will summarize for the user the content in their interest area that was shared with friends and other members of the site. A very interesting aspect of the news feed is the music a user’s friends are listening to, upcoming concerts and the albums that have been released recently. Possible the best feature is that users can switch from page to page without having to go back to the Home page each time and the newsfeed will adjust the screen to fit the content perfectly.

This new move by Facebook is beneficial to both users and advertisers since marketing strategy can be focused on what the user is interested in rather than random articles that fail to hold a user’s interest.


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