Facebook user who wants to reveal her true age

A very unusual technical glitch has the entire world in smiles. A 104 year old lady, Mrs. Joseph cannot display her true age on Facebook because of a technical hitch that permits year of birth only as far back as 1910. Every attempt made by Mrs. Joseph’s granddaughter to update the grand lady’s age has resulted in the birth year to be rolled forward to 1928. The centenarian, who joined Facebook at the age of 102, has remained 99 in her virtual avatar.

The fun loving, sociable lady is blind and so her granddaughter Gail works on Mrs. Joseph’s Facebook activity, posts, statuses and comments. The centenarian may have inadvertently discovered a cure for the signs on aging in social networking. She and a group of friends and relatives believe that social networking keeps them young and happy.

fb2Relatives would frequently ask about the chirpy old grandmother and Gail decided to create a new Facebook for her charming, popular grandmother. With 198 friends and 84 pictures, she remains an active Facebook member, in frequent touch with all those on her profile.

Word has reached Facebook developers who are working towards fixing the glitch that does not allow a year of birth beyond 1910. When a year before 1910 is entered, Facebook returns with an error message and selects a year that does not match the date of birth of the account holder. It would be a treat for family members to see Mrs. Joseph’s real age on Facebook especially since she is turning 105 this April!

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