Facebook to launch VoIP features to its messaging system

Facebook is working hard to ensure it does not lose users to competition like Whatsapp, Line, Instagram and Viber by pepping up its already loaded features. The newest feature to get a makeover is the messaging app by Facebook that now supports VoIP. A small step in this direction is expanding this new offering to U.K callers using the iOS version of the app after already rolling this to the U.S following initial tests in Canada.

fb2Friends over Facebook can enjoy online calls with buddies by simply pressing the ‘I’ button in a conversation and then tapping the Free Call button. These calls can be made for free! The app does not use Skype but has gone for open source technology for free VoIP between Facebook friends. If Facebook has to stay ahead in the game, it has to roll out its new VoIP feature worldwide with simple messaging apps being able to offer multimedia content sharing and other features.

Facebook has so far managed to stay ahead of competition both from other social networks and from social media apps hitting smart phone app stores. Its new feed and timeline features have worked in the network’s favor and brought back bored and disinterested former users. Regulars on Facebook can look forward to better features with Facebook’s massive effort to lead the social media pack.

The new VoIP feature is available on the iOS app store and runs on all iDevices including iPhones, iPads and iPods.


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