Facebook Timeline reloaded

Facebook will soon roll out changes to users Timelines. The top social networking site has gone for a new timeline look. The tweaks aim to work on the layout that has been reported by many as confusing and unnecessary. The new look is currently being tested by Facebook in New Zealand, Facebook’s usual pick to test new features.

fb2The new Timeline layout will feature a single column on the right of the page for all profile posts, updates and other content which is a welcome change from the existing double-column design that many users were unhappy with. The left side of the page will sport an “About” section that reveals interesting bits about your profile. A new status update feature called BuzzFeed will also appear in the revamped design. The link from BuzzFeed directs you to a company page on Facebook. A new inclusion, a “Like Page link” directs you to BuzzFeed’s Facebook page. On the right side is a sidebar where the years on your Timeline appear and you can hit a particular year by selecting it. The years appear all the way on a right sidebar, where you can jump to a particular year just as you’re able to now. BuzzFeed seems to be a feature which is designed around helping users locate official Facebook pages of organizations.

Facebook has declined to comment when users can experience the new timeline design. It depends on how soon the test phase is complete is New Zealand where the social networking company has launched the new feature for testing its look and feel. The changes are expected to roll out in a couple of weeks.

SOURCE: https://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57572030-93/facebook-testing-new-timeline-design/