Facebook rolls out yet another update! The social network now forecasts the weather!

Facebook is doing all it can to retain users. The last month has seen over ten updates to the social networking site, with a number of revisions and enhancements to existing features and addition of a number of new features. Users have witnessed a great many changes to their timelines and photo albums in Facebook’s bid to retain its position as the world’s top social networking site. The latest update to the social networking site is a weather feed to help users organize events.

fb2User’s inviting friends to events, especially outdoor occasions will be forewarned of the weather with this new update. Facebook has included this new feature in all event pages. This is a useful update for users holding large get-togethers and open air parties. Users can include weather information in the invitation to friends so they can dress appropriately or bring along umbrellas or hats if the weather is expected to be rainy or sunny. The rollout offers weather prediction for the day of the event or can display a trend, say for the next ten days to help them decide when to host an important event. Invitees will see weather information in addition to the event details like destination, time and occasion.

This is a very useful app especially for big events like corporate outings and outdoor weddings where a large number of people will gather to celebrate an occasion. Another fun feature is that food lovers can get together according to the weather – Cafe’s offering hot chocolate on rainy days and ice cream parlors in warm weather.

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