Facebook Plans To Add #Hashtag Support

One of the popular features of Twitter, which is hashtags, might soon be making its way on Facebook. This was revealed recently by people who had information on the matter. It is still unknown as to how far along the company has been working on this feature or when it will be made available.

facebook hashtag

Hashtags were made popular by Twitter as a way of grouping specific keywords so it can be easily searched. This technique is also used in Instagram as well as in Google+. The concept is to put pound symbol “#” before a keyword to tag it. People can then click on the hashtag to see all posts related to the keyword.

Facebook currently uses its tag feature which lets anyone tag people, places, and pages. The addition of the hashtag will make it easier for its Graph Search feature to index keywords better.

When asked to comment about this information a representative from Facebook said “We do not comment on rumor or speculation.”

There are a lot of reasons why it will be good for Facebook to incorporate hashtags into the social network. For one it will be easier to determine what people are really interested in, something which Twitter has excelled at because of their use of hashtags. Once you know what people are interested in it will be easier to finely tune the target ads that a person receives.

Reports say that the company is currently testing this feature which can easily index conversations in posts.

This is just one of the several changes that might be coming to Facebook this year. Earlier this month Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced a new layout for the newsfeed which he describes as building the foundation of being the best “personalized newspaper” for all of its users.

via wsj