Facebook offering Reply feature for company pages

Facebook is undergoing a huge transformation piece-by-piece. Each section of user and company profiles has undergone extensive modifications over a number of updates and enhancement iterations. The social networking giant brings out a new development every few days. From timelines to cover pictures, graph to new news feeds, the social network certainly has been busy.

fb2A new update by Facebook offers company pages a new feature – Replies. Until the update was rolled out, users could post and comment on company pages and posts but there was no way for page content owners to respond directly to individual users. The new feature introduced by the latest update allows for easy post and comment management that allows page owners to interact directly with individual post authors. This would generate greater engagement for the posts with direct interaction between content owner and post or comment owner.

Another feature added by the update is active-thread sifting. A profile will list conversations in the descending order of their activity meaning that more active conversation threads will appear on top of the wall post. Both these new features are not yet available on mobile platforms and work with pages and profiles with over 10,000 followers. The new feature does not have mobile support yet.

The enhancements to the social network will soon be available to Apple’s iOS and Google’s android devices until which time users on android and iOS will still see replies as regular comments. The beta version of the rollout is being tested expected to be finalized by July this year.


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