Facebook is no more attractive to teens

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Facebook is a social networking site, or service. The social network is its product. And the product is such that not all users would want to be on the network all the time or would want to be members of the site forever. If your friends start dropping off of Facebook, you would do too. That is just how it works. And it seems like most teenagers are already dropping out.

According to a new survey, most of the teenagers have already moved on to the next social networking services, in this case it is Instagram and SnapChat. People have started using these services mainly because Instagram provide the best mobile interface and also lets you share photos so easily. And that is exactly what teenagers want, upload all the photos you took in a pub or at a party so that others can see those pictures. And when it comes to the Android version of the Facebook app, it still needs so much of refinement.

Adam Ludwin, developer of a social photo album app entitled Albumatic, went around and interviewed a group of young people below the age of 25. He asked them what they liked and what they did not like in his app. And according to him, the replies where mostly that people did not like the fact that they had to use Facebook login for Albumatic. Ludwin stated, “They gave me the typical teenage response. We’re bored with Facebook.”

Slash Gear writes, “It also seems that Facebook is very aware of this problem. In Facebook’s annual 10-K report, it stated, “We believe that some of our users, particular our younger users, are aware of and are actively engaging with other products and services similar to, or as a substitute for, Facebook.” The statement continues on by saying that its business could be harmed due to its users lack of interest in its service.” It is to see what the company will do next to attract more people..

Source: Slash Gear

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