Facebook is hosting an Android mobile event

Facebook Android event invitation

Facebook has always been working on improving its presence on the smart phones and tablets, because most people use internet on their smart phones while on the move, not carrying their laptops or netbooks everywhere they go. The company has been very series about its presence and the integration of its services into the Apple iOS ecosystem. But from a few months, since the company realized the power and potential of Google’s Android, the company started concentrating on this as well. And it looks like we have something to wow about, as the company has sent out invites for an even it is going to host.

The event will be about the Facebook and Android integration, as it is clearly mentioned in the invitation, but that is all the information we get out of it. The body of the invitation just reads, “come see our new home on Android”. The event will happen in the morning of April 4th in Menlo Park, California.

So, what could the company announce at the event? We have had rumors about the company working on an Android smart phone for years now. But the company had declined the rumor once. But does that mean the company will not be working on that? Or could this be some kind of integration of the social network into the Android operating system itself? Well, we do not know anything.

But I guess the world’s biggest social networking company realized that there is a lot of potential in Android and that it has a better penetration into the far away markets when compared to the iPhone. May be that led the company to start working on Android. Anyway, if you have got the invite, do not miss the event. It might just be one of the best tech events of the year.

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