Facebook’s Awesome New ‘Newspaper’ styled News Feed Revealed

Facebook has finally redesigned its News Feed. The new News Feed has been given a retro, contemporary, ‘Newspaper’ styled web look, which looks awesome at first sight. Facebook announced the new look just a few hours back, and here’s what all you need to know about the new News Feed.

Inspiration for the design

The inspiration for Facebook’s new News Feed is the print media- News Papers and Magazines. Facebook has tried to mimic how images, texts, and stories appear on the print media and has ported a similar looking interface into their awesome new News Feed.

Besides, Facebook’s new look is also inspired from its mobile and tablet interface. For instance, just like mobile apps, the menu on the left hand side is accessible from anywhere, no matter how much you scroll down. Just like the app, users can also jump right to the top of their News Feed, whenever some new stories pop in.

How it looks like?

As the tagline states, the newer version of News Feed focuses on reducing clutter and focuses on sharing stories in more beautiful ways. The newly designed News Feed is much more vibrant, colorful, and convenient for viewing and sharing stories.

Facebook’s new design brings life to everything that’s being shared by your loved ones. It’s not just the interface that’s been redesigned; the whole experience of Facebooking has been beautified. Here are some snapshots of the new News Feed:

Everything from images, news articles, videos to events has been beautified.

Stories are meticulously designed and give you a very clear insight on the happenings.

As you can see, the profile pictures are now docked to the left hand side, and the images shared are now bigger and better. It’s almost like you’re reading a newspaper.

The profile name appears on the photo and as you can see, it just looks beautiful.

No more boring events on the top-right corner of your screen, which hardly catch your attention. Facebook has redesigned the look of the events. They are now less articulated, more descriptive, and amazingly eye-catching.

The news articles that are being shared have also been given a refreshingly new look.

It is just beautification, or has Facebook provided more control to an average user?

Users also complained that they were not able to view the feeds of the people whom they have subscribed to on their news feed. Even if the subscriptions are left aside, due to Facebook’s new algorithm, which prioritized the virality of sponsored posts over normal posts, many people were unable to get the feeds of their loved ones.

Facebook, of course, cannot snub its monetary model, but it has done something with the new News Feed that can be helpful to people who do not receive the right kind of posts on their News Feed. Apart from the News Feed, Facebook has added many more feeds like “All Friends”, “Music”, “Photos”, “Following”, etc. on the left hand side of the new Facebook page. Hence, it’s not just beautification. Facebook has also provided more stringent control to users on what and how they would like to see their News Feed.

Awesome. How can I get it?

Facebook has announced that it would be slowly rolling out the new design and it would be accessible through web and mobile to every Facebook user in the coming weeks.

However, if you’re as impatient as me, you can join the waiting list. Add yourself to the waiting list by clicking here.

Tell us what you think about the new News Feed. Do you think Facebook’s new look is enticing?

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