Facebook hires Ex-Mozilla engieer as Chief Technology Officer

Mike Schroepfer Facebook CTo

If you have updated yourself with a dose of tech news this week, you would know that Facebook has got busy at copying Twitter. The world’s largest social networking site just announced this week that it will soon start supporting #hashtags, which is clearly the Twitter thing. But Facebook is not feeling anything just copying the feature. And after this, the company has also copied or mimicked the internal organizational structural shuffle that is known to be Twitter.

In an internal email to all the Facebook employees, the company announced that it will be promoting Mike Schroepfer to the vacant CTO position. Mike Schroepfer was the senior vice president of engineering at Facebook before becoming the CTO. Now, to compare the situation between the two companies, Twitter’s Chief Technology Officer’s role was empty starting way back from 2011. But Facebook’s CTO position was empty since last summer, when Bret Taylor left the company. And from then, the company has had two interim CTOs, Cory Ondrejka and Mike Vernal. Now, it is not clear what will happen to Cory Ondrejka and Mike Vernal. Wired writes:

Before joining Facebook, Schroepfer was the vice president of engineering of Mozilla, the non-profit responsible for developing the Firefox web browser and other open source projects. And before that, he was CTO of Sun Microsystems’ data center automation division.

Schroepfer’s agenda will likely include improving the company’s mobile experience and finding more ways to mine user data for advertising gold.

This is important for the social networking company because the major source of income for the company is from the ads it puts forward to users on its website, and these ads are always tailored to the person using the service. And for tailoring these ads, the company needs to mine as much data as it can.

Source: Wired

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