Facebook gets green light for its second campus at Menlo Park

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So, if you are working at Facebook, you might be wishing that the company transfers you to its new building, which is yet to start with the construction. The world’s largest social networking web site had submitted a plan for its new corporate office in Melno Park, which is close to its existing location. The company has been given a green light by the authorities of Melno Park. If you were on the committee which decided this, you would not have said no to the construction of a building which is designed by Frank Gehry, who is clearly one of the great designers of this age. The new Facebook building is going to offer yet another awesome office for its employees, with a roof top park for some free time roaming and relaxing in the fresh air, and an underground tunnel which will connect the two offices of the company.

The new building will be constructed on a 22-acre site west of Bayfront Expressway in California, and much work has gone into the designing and planning of this new building. According to what Gehry’s creative partner Craig Webb said to the Mercury News, “originally, the 433,555-square-foot location was to have parts of the building “flaring out like butterfly wings,” but were dropped for being “too flashy.” That would have been really awkward.

According to the new design, the average hight of the building will 45 feet, but will reach up to 73 feet at some places. But since the company’s management has asked the building to have a low-key profiling, most parts of the building will be hidden by landscaping. This makes it awesome, while being classy. And from what it sounds, the company is going to invest a lot of money into this, while the company is losing its users at the same time. Is it a wise decision to invest now? Well, I am not the judge of that. Anyway, pretty soon, we will be having a look at this building.

Source: Electronista

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