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Facebook finally starts updating their app via play store


A few days back we had reported that facebook was busy updating their official app outside the play store. Users were surprised that their apps were getting updated outside the official channel and many of them even reported battery issues and stuck download issues with the update.

Finally, the update is available from the play store and you can get it via update option on your application. The update brings the same features that the earlier one (outside of Google play) brought to the app. The new build allows users to change their profile pictures within the app as well as report spam and manage group messages.



The update looks quite similar to the update on the facebook iOS app made yesterday. However, we are still wondering why Facebook tried to update their app outside of Google Play a few days back. The company violated the developer agreement with Google by updating their app outside of Google play. Also by trying to update the app silently without their consent, many users have become furious with the company’s policies. The new update notification was persistent and there was no option for the users to ignore that. The only option left with the users was to update their app via their WiFi connection (as the app didn’t update with a data plan).

Also, it is worth noting that the company has given no official statement via their official spokesperson or a blog post about the update which continued for about 3 days. The only statement that was close to an official statement was a reply from a facebook product manager named Ragavan Srinivasan. His reply was as follows:

“We’re working quickly to improve Facebook for Android and want to make sure everyone is using the best version of our app. You’ll experience these updates when you are on Wi-Fi, and they won’t rely on your data plan.”

It looks like the company was nagging its users to update to the latest version of the application for reasons unknown. The previous version of the Facebook app seemed to work fine and hence we are still wondering why the company tried to update their app silently. With the update available for all the users just a few days after the unofficial update, our only guess is Facebook may have made some changes which was necessary for the stability of the app and the company wanted to check how the new build worked on some users before they made it available on the play store.

Anyways, we would have to wait till the company responds to the various questions raised in this regard to understand the reason behind the silent update.

via Android Central

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