Facebook does not support MessageMe anymore

MessageMe for iOS

Like many tech companies who do not want their products to be copied or who do not like others to use or copy the company’s product to benefit for their own product, Facebook also feels the same. Especially when others try to use Facebook’s products for profit. Facebook has usually discontinued support for such products in the past, and the new victim to suffer this or face this situation is MessageMe.

MessageMe is a new messaging app for the iOS platform which was released just a week back. And in just that small amount of time, the app had reached the top two spot in that category. This clearly means that a lot of people were using it, and when you can get one app to chat with all your friends on various social networks, why would you want to install a dedicated app for each and every service.

That is the idea behind MessageMe, and the service included Facebook as well. So once are inside MessageMe, all you had to do was find your friends who are on Facebook from within the app. And once you get them there, you could easily message them. This will eventually lead to people uninstalling Facebook Messenger from their iPhones, which is not good for Facebook. This will reduce the usage time of the service, which will lead to losses in ways you cannot imagine.

So, to stop this from happening, Facebook stopped supporting the “Find Friends” feature on MessageMe. This means that users on MessageMe will no longer be able to use the app to chat with their Facebook friends. So this will force the users to go back to the App Store and download Facebook Messenger again. So, if you try the “Find Friends” feature on MessageMe now, you will be greeted with the error message, “The operation couldn’t be completed.”

Source: Ubergizmo