Facebook and twitter updated on BlackBerry OS 10, available for the Z10 phone series

BlackBerry’s Z10 with BB 10 operating system is the company’s beacon of light in a hard battle for top spot for smartphone markets. The OS and handset combination has saved BlackBerry from potential oblivion with its popularity among college students and the executive class. BB is working hard to make sure its consumers are happy with the product and its app selection. In an effort to keep abreast of android and iOS, BB is bringing more apps into its world of BlackBerry app store. Updated Facebook and twitter versions are now available for Z10 users.

bb2Facebook version 10.0.1 offers neat features like the “Friends Nearby” application that tracks the location of your friends to inform if you they are in your vicinity. BB now allows users to create and respond to events using the BB app version of Facebook as well as upload photos to Facebook and download photos to the BB phone. In addition, users can share links from Facebook posts using twitter, SMS and email. The twitter update to version 10.0.2 adds access to more content like photos, summaries of articles and the number of times a tweet has been made a favorite.

Unlike other OS, BlackBerry itself has created and maintains the Facebook and twitter apps, since both social networks have not released a native app for BB phones. BlackBerry’s continued success in the market will perhaps encourage other social networking sites to invest in an app for the Z10 phone line. Users will be happy with the new updates for Facebook and twitter by BlackBerry.


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