Facebook aims to direct ad campaigns for apps at users with a Wi-Fi connection

Facebook is working overtime by the looks of the number of updates, enhancements and new apps it is churning out every day! The latest is a rollout of improvements for a mobile app launched last year. The app was created to install ads to help developers target their ads in different forums and platforms.

The ads can be seen in Facebook’s news feed, another new development in itself. When a user clicks an ad, the download page for the app is displayed on both the iOS version as well as the Android version of the app. The enhancement is focused on delivering ads to users when connected to a Wi-Fi network since they will have the time and patience to browse through ad pages and are more likely to download apps when compared to those who access the net through non- Wi-Fi connections.

fb2In addition to directing users to a download page for the app, developers can target users belonging to a specific category, those using iOS 6 Apple devices for example rather than a broad android section or iOS group of users. This will work well for developers who have leveraged certain features of a platform that other versions do not offer. Another interesting feature of the update for app developers is the provisions to launch the app install operation from an ad creation tool.

Every aspect of Facebook has undergone a number of changes, to accommodate new social networking capabilities and features that Facebook is developing to keep users interested and ahead of other social networks like Instagram and Pinterest.


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