Facebook Acqhires Team From Trustworthiness Verification Startup Legit

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There are a lot of new services coming online every day and you cannot know which one of them is safe and which is not. You may be giving out your email address and other details to hackers. But this safety issue applies to the opposite as well. If you are building such a service, you would want to make sure that the customer or user you are dealing with is a real human being and not a programmed computer bot. This is the major risk that online services are dealing with today.

But there is a service to prevent this as well. Legit is a service which checks if a person or a user is a real human being or not. The service has APIs for third parties who can use these APIs to check whether a customer they are dealing with is a real human being. And they can even get more info about that particular person using these APIs.

The company described itself saying “We correlate data across marketplaces, creating a holistic picture of a user’s reputation. Legit measures real, transaction-based accountability without relying on social network data. Overall behavior improves when everyone is held accountable…the good reputation that users build on other marketplaces empowers them on yours.”

There is no doubt that this is an awesome service and other services would be willing to make use of these APIs to check that they are not in danger. And when Facebook saw the potential in this, it thought of acquiring the company, and so it did. The team over at Legit recently published a blog post which says that the team will be joining Facebook soon. Legit’s founder Jeremy Barton explains, ”While we will be working on other initiatives within Facebook, we remain huge advocates of the Sharing Economy / Collaborative Consumption and are confident the movement will continue to grow.”

Source: Tech Crunch

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