Evernote’s Android app redesigned to offer new, exciting features!

Evernote has been very busy with a slew of updates to improve the app. The latest update to unfurl is a new version for android that has redesigned the entire app to provide users with a new design and better search and photo features. Most of these features are already present on the iOS version of the app but are new to the android version.

Whether this update is Evernote’s answer to rival Google Keep is too early to say but the update has been rolled out a few days after Keep’s arrival on app stores. The new version features shortcuts, where frequently used notes and notebooks can be accessed from the left panel of the app saving users the bother of having to search through their entire notebook. Other updates include a multishot feature that allows users to capture a multiple shots at the same moment and of the same subject without leaving the embedded camera in the app. The page camera feature allows the user to turn his or her smartphone into a pocket scanner using Evernote. The camera removes contrast from the edges of scanned pages and reduces the shadow effect to improve the quality of the scanned page image.

ever2Other great new additions to the app are digitization of the notebook into a digital copy of paper notes. Users will also receive a document search feature with an indexed search in Microsoft Office suite, Open Office offering and iWork packages.

The android interface with a simple, clean design has been cheered by many when compared to Evernote’s iOS app.


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