Evernote Hacked, Passwords and User Data Stolen

evernoteEvernote, the well-known note-sharing service, is the latest prey to the spree of hacking attacks that have hit number of web firms online, including the likes of Apple, Facebook and Twitter. Evernote announced yesterday that securely stored data on their servers was compromised following a co-ordinated web attack, which was  a sophisticated attempt to break their security barriers, in order to avail the encrypted information.

Though, the security team was able to prevent the attack, the damage had already been done.Hackers managed to gain quintessential user information like username, email and encrypted passwords.

Evernote says that it has no evidence to pin-point what the hackers stole from their database. There’s no way to find out if they just gained access to user data or tried to modify/delete some of the data.

However, the official blog states that the hackers were able to gain the login information of customers like email ids, usernames and passwords. So, Evernote has forced its 50 million users to reset their passwords. In case you’re using Evernote and you haven’t changed your password, we would suggest that you reset your password, as early as possible.

According to Evernote’s official blog, the financial information of Evernote Premium and Evernote Business customers has not been compromised.

Though, a company representative told CNET that there’s a definite pattern in the recent web-attack that matches with other high-profile attacks on web companies in recent weeks, he also said that they are still looking into it, and nothing concrete can be said at the moment.

Right now, Evernote has asked all its users to reset their passwords. They have notified their users using social media, emails, and the issue has also been highlighted on their official blog. As Evernote does not know how much data the hackers managed to steal, they have no option other than to salvage the accounts of their 50 million users. It might sound like damage control, but that’s the best thing to do right now.

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