Evernote food updated with cool new features like table booking at restaurants!

Popular food review app Evernote Food that allows users to search for restaurants in their localities and offers a recipe search has rolled out a new update for iOS phones. The app now offers table reservations, recipe sharing with friends and Four Square ratings for restaurants and food joints. The recipe search option is a great new feature added by Evernote, with users being able to search by ingredients, dish name as well as blog names since the Evernote app has partnered with popular recipe blog, Punchfork.

ever2The open table feature that not only allows a user to find a restaurant but book a table as well is a great addition to the app. The app also gives you food, service and ambiance ratings for each restaurant it features. Other nice enhancements include recipe sharing on Facebook, twitter and by mail allowing friends and family to share new innovation in the kitchen and fun new recipes for kids, support for regional publishers for Chinese and Japanese app users, improved search result performance and quicker image uploads of recipes copied from blogs and other websites to post to a Facebook wall or to share with friends by email. The update to the app also requests users to reset passwords given the hack attempts on major companies like Apple, Facebook and Evernote notes app.

Interesting new updates that users will enjoy, Evernote is slowly and steadily making it to the top of the app charts. The new update is available for iOS users and will soon hit android and Windows app stores.


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