Era’s Adventures 3D Android Game Review

Is that green dinosaur Yoshi? That’s the first thing that came into my mind when this title was released. Era’s Adventures 3D features a dinosaur named Era who you accompany in an adventure. You’re going to help our dinosaur from getting trapped in different worlds.

Era’s Adventures 3D is a $1.99 which you can download over at Google Play. There’s also a free version available which you can try out before buying the full version. You will need a device running on at least Android 2.2 as well as a storage space of 120 MB.

In this game which is developed by andev Ltd. You are going to help Era escape from being trapped in different worlds. The game currently has 15 levels for you to enjoy with more levels coming soon. You get to explore each level and check out various barrels and crates for hidden items. What you will primarily be looking for is the hidden keys that are required to unlock the next level. You will also be able to gain the ability of firebreathing which makes it easy to blast objects from a distance.

In terms of graphics the game is beautifully done. The 3D effect has great detail while the effects are just simply marvelous. The controls are quite easy with the left side of the screen containing the virtual directional button and the right hand of the screen containing the action button.

This title should be quite popular for kids of for fans of Yoshi who want to see the dinosaur jump over to the Android platform. Since Nintendo has not licensed their products to appear in the Android platform then Era will make a fine replacement for Yoshi.

Overall this is a good title that you can pick up quickly and play while on the go. It does not have a deep and complicated storyline like most games which makes it perfect for people looking for a game that they can play for just a couple of minutes.

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