Enjoy the Best 3D Shooting Game: Death Fighter 3D

5Death Fighter 3D is a classic Raiden Game for your Android phone, in this game, what you need is to destroy enemy planes, tanks and ships by shooting and launching bombs at them. Remember it, you should try to avoid being hit, or the game is over.


With a top-down view gameplay, you can fully enjoy its fun. The beautiful 3D graphics and nice HD sound effects allow it reach the list of Google Play Top Free and one of ten Hot Apps on many major game sites.

In this game, you should test your reaction speeds with bombardments of enemies. You will play the role of a brave pilot who must fight through the rain of bullets; it’s really cool and exciting to make to survive in such dangerous scenes. If you are addicted to raiden games and enjoy fighting and conquering the unknown world by defeating over all the enemies, this game is a perfect cure for you.


The first thing that attracted me to play Death Fighter 3D is its exquisite and detailed graphics. Compared to other raiden game, the game graphics are pretty outstanding with three dimensional, which makes the game much more appealing to me.

Actually, the game control of Death Fighter 3D is very simple, even you are a game newbie, you can also master it within short time. There is an auto-shooting design, to move the fighter plane, you just need to tap and hold it to the position you want. It works really smooth and well. While shooting and destroying enemies planes, you can collect coins and then you can unlock more powerful weapons and fighters and bombs. Not only need to be good at controlling your fighter, you also need to apply the strategies with your brain and mind to win rather than crashing any of your own fighters.


You can also enjoy the upgrades and various power-ups, which are available in the shop and can help you achieve higher sores; this is an additional motivation to keep me playing again and again. I truly recommend this game. I am also looking to the version update and I hope the developer can create more levels or make it have the ability to go back and play previous maps instead of having to restart.

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