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Eldar: Nokia’s Aluminium flagship could be a great device, the most popular this year

Eldar Murtazin

Mobile World Congress is an event which people like me love to live. You get to see a lot of new devices, exclusive previews to early versions of unreleased smart phones and tablets, and lots of new things to try out. It is a paradise for gadget journalists. Eldar Murtazin is one such journalist and he says he has seen the Finnish company’s next big thing. Yes, we are talking about a Nokia smart phone. And according to Eldar Muratzin, it is going to be just awesome.

He claims that he saw the next awesome flagship device on the Finnish company in a “secret room” at the Mobile World Congress last month and he seems to have liked the device a lot. He says that the smart phone will come with an Aluminium body. The smart phone is also said to be coming with an awesome camera, we are guessing a PureView camera? Eldar Murtazin even says that this could be the biggest smart phone of the year.

But the only one thing that the smart phone is not good is the part where you know that this kind of device will be running on Microsoft’s Windows’s Phone 8. He says, “There is Windows Phone inside, it did not change and it spoils all of the fun. “Oh, Windows Phone, why are you not Android” said people around and shaking their heads.”

Eldar Murtazin says that even though this going to be a huge smart phone for this year and will drive a lot of attention towards itself, it is not going to see any record sales. And according to him, all this is because of the non Android operating system on the smart phone. This is true. If Nokia even thinks about releasing an Android smart phone, the Finnish company would be able to sell so many handsets.

Source: WP Power User

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