Earn Money Using Smartphone Smart Apps

If you have always thought that Smartphone apps are ways to get money out of your pocket through clever ways of showcasing various apps with multifarious benefits, then your idea is about to change. Already available on iPhone and Android, there are five free applications that may not make you wealthy but can surely help you to sort off your monthly phone bills to some extent.

money2One of such apps is the Receipt Hog app. The easy app only requires you to take snaps of your grocery store receipts and take part in surveys, leading you to earn ‘coins’ that can be exchanged for cash or donated for charity purpose. In another app called the iBotta that can earn you $0.25, $0.50, and $1.25; you just need to shop from the 35 selected retailers and go on earning by simply reading facts about the product, respond to product related questions and post your buy on Facebook respectively. Similar to earlier apps is the iPinion too. Through this app you can participate in little surveys rewarding yourself as much points as you can where every 100 points equals to $1. On the other hand the Saving Star app collects your savings from the loyalty cards and offers you payout option once you have saved $5. But the best of all these is the GigWalk app. If you are a free will bird and love to dine out or shop around then this app is fun as well as a gold mine. Available in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle; the app just wants you to perform little ‘gigs’ by doing market surveys, snapping cool restaurant menu etc. Though based on ‘gigs’ the payment may vary from $2 to $15 or more based on your ‘gigs’ client ratings.

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