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Early windows blue build (9364) leaked online


Windows 7 was one of the most popular windows versions up to date. With the recently released Windows 8 platform, the company revamped the entire Aero theme of the windows 7 platform and introduced a tile based UI which made it made the OS ideal for tablet and phones users. But in the process of modifying the OS to suit the needs of the portable devices, the windows 8 platform lost its popularity among PC users. This can be evident from the fact that the windows 8 adoption figure revealed by the analytics firm Net Applications is quite low. The operating system is growing very slowly and the market share of the platform has only risen from 2.26% in January to 2.67% in February. The growth is very slow as compared to its previous versions and the figures are well below the targets put up by the company.

windows blue


Well, seeing that its windows 8 OS didn’t turn out to be successful just like its previous Vista platform, the company is busy developing and releasing its latest version Windows Blue OS. This might actually work for the company as their windows 7 platform launched just after the release of the windows vista turned out to quite popular among the PC users.

The Blue version is going to be a refreshed version of the windows 8 platform and would be available for consumers over a wide variety of devices as an update later this year.

The Blue update would bring in some advanced personalization options, a set of new standard live tile sizes, better multitasking, deeper SkyDrive support etc. The new update will also bring the entire settings menu together. In the current version of windows 8, the different setting options were located at different places and hence, it was a very difficult task for the users to figure out where the required settings options were located. However, with this Blue update, Microsoft is trying to put in all of the settings options in one location, i.e. in the PC configurations menu. As a result, a user can access any settings, whatever option he may be looking for under the Pc configurations menu of the control panel.

Swiping down would take the PC users directly to the app list and the folks over at wpcentral also add that the windows logo looks a bit brighter. The multitasking window has also changed to incorporate a 50-50 view for any two running apps. A play option and a screenshot options have been added to the charm menu.

The blue update would also bring in the latest version of internet explorer, i.e. internet explorer 11 which now supports synced tabs. A few other changed have been made to the preinstalled apps like the calculator.

This 32 bit version of the leaked early build (9364)of the Blue platform is available online as an 2.3GB sized ISO file.

via Windows Phone central

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