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Early iPhone prototype had 5×7 display with multiple IO ports

Early iPhone prototype

When we think of Apple’s iPhone, one of the first things that pop up in our minds is that the smart phone is really thin and light, and overall a smaller smart phone compared to many Android smart phones in the market today. But if you look at this early prototype of the smart phone, you would think that it is actually a tablet. So yes, that is a prototype of the iPhone that we are using today.

A former employee of the Cupertino tech giant who had worked on many hardware projects in his time has confirmed this, as reported by Ars Technica. This prototype is two years older to the first even Apple iPhone that was released way back in 2007. And this prototype is a good two inches thin and has a big 5 x 7 display on it. You can also see a variety of ports on the smart phone prototype, which include a serial port, USB ports, an ethernet port, and others.

But the ethernet port and the serial port were not meant to be included on the final product, but they were included in the prototype to make it easy for the programmers to communicate with the device and program it. According to the anonymous source, the developers or the brass heads of the company had no idea what this prototype would turn into. But they were really excited to see a version of the Mac OS X run on this device.

And by the looks of the prototype, it looks more like an iPad prototype, mainly because of its size. And if you take a look at the processor, it is a Samsung S3C2410A-26. This is an ARM processor, and a slower and older version of the Samsung S3C2410 line of processors than the one found on the very first iPhone released in 2007. So, what do you think of the prototype?

Source: Tech Spot

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