E Ink Displays an Android Device Capable of that Lasts a Week between Charges

E Ink or rather electrophoretic ink is a type of an electronic paper used in making mobile phones, mobile devices apps in the likes of eReaders and in the manufacture of watches. The E Ink Corporation is the genius company behind this amazing new technology.

eink androidLatest reports from the Mobile World Congress trade show held in Barcelona, Spain; the company made a major announcement. The excitement is around its Android phone that is capable of lasting a whole week after a single charging session.

Insiders say that the phone, which utilizes the E Ink technology to run some of its apps and features, is set to transform the entire telephony industry. Who could even imagine owning a device that can hold power for that long? It is simply incredible.

I am pretty much sure that most of you are wondering how that is even possible.

But not everything is sweet about the new technology. Most of the devices that operate on this E Ink technology have been identified to be harboring some short coming. The most notable one tends to affect the video playback option and the user’s interface.

Besides that little glitch, the technology scores very high when it comes to the visibility of panels in eReaders such as the Nook and Kindle. These panels are actually visible at any time regardless of the lighting strength. Since such displays will only require say a fraction of the total power needed to run the ultra-modern AMOLED and LCD displays, you are likely to save a great deal of your phone’s charge hence the one week period, as claimed above.

On 1st June 2009, E Ink Corporation was purchased by Prime View Int’l Co. ltd a move which promised to increase its customer base and the production levels of E Ink’s associated products. The company has been in existence since 1997.