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Google has announced this week that it will be performing its usual routine of cleanup of products which are losing the users. And one such product to see the business end of the axe is the beloved Google Reader. There is a pretty good user base for Google Reader, even though the search engine giant has not updated the product recently. And after the announcement of this news, users have become really frustrated. There was also a report early this morning which said a hundred thousand people have signed a petition to stop the termination of the product. And we still do not know what Google is going to do about this.

And after Google announced this, a lot of companies have started advertising their RSS readers. This is one of the best chances any company with an RSS reader product would get to hit the market. A lot of third party companies already have their product ready for users, such as Feedly. I have been testing Feedly from a couple of days and I am starting to like it. But other companies, which had no idea about this and have been trying to regain their status in the market, are not yet ready, for example Digg.

But Digg has announced that it will be building a Google Reader alternative very soon. The company said that it has already started the work on the product and pretty soon, it will be ready for the public. The company has planned to study the Google Reader from top to bottom to understand its strengths and weaknesses. After this, the company will be building a very similar product with the strengths of Google Reader, and also utilities to attract the modern web users. Digg says it will be working hard to “identify and rebuild the best of Google Reader’s features (including its API), but also advance them to fit the Internet of 2013.” Since the work on the product has just begun, we do not have a release date yet.

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